‘’Architecture begins where engineering ends’’. – Walter Gropius.

We believe that architecture is an artistic expression that purely stands for creativity, technical and rational realm. We believe that architecture is not just about creation. It is about the ‘’finds’’. Anjan Dey, the founder of Vitruvian Company believes that every project he undertakes must tell a story. That every structure built has a detailed concept as well as critical expression.

We are a well- known architectural and interior designing firm based in Kolkata who strive for uniqueness, challenges and do way with the obvious. We are constantly working on our innovations so as to create a niche and not fall under preconceived slot. Some of our architectural projects includes commercial, residential, industrial and hospitality designs. Our designed structure shows the depth of our planning and execution behind it.


All the details about Architectural Designing works are given on our portfolio page. Some of our works are given here.

Architecture Design Company in Kolkata


We have a young enthusiastic team of architects and designers who would turn your dream into reality! Based in Kolkata, India. Our young enthusiasts have worked with clients both nationally and internationally. You will most likely design your space once in your lifetime. So why not hire an expert who would give you the best. So, tell us what we can do for you? Let’s see how we can turn your imagination into reality.