Discover Who we are?

“The painter has the universe in his mind and his hand”
– Leonardo da Vinci.

Vitruvian as the name suggests is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Vitruvian is the best qualified Architectural and interior designing company in Kolkata. Our designs have magnetic charm of its own class and equality. Vitruvian believes in doing it more passionately, intelligently, creatively, uniquely, elegantly and luxuriously. With every project we feel ourselves becoming more and more mature. This spirit of learning from everything around us is what keeps our fire burning.

Why us?

• Strive for the highest level of customer satisfaction.
• Innovative, cost and time effective services quality improvement
• Consistent and continuous
• We are flexible when it comes to try something new. We are the creators in creativity.
• Get perfect design as per your demand.

Wow factor

Vitruvian can help to give you the ‘’wow’’ factor you have been looking for. We are trained to see differently and spatially and see an overall picture that client often cannot. Thinking outside the box is something we do everyday!


Our Mission and Vision

We have a young enthusiastic team of architects and designers who would turn your dream into reality! Based in Kolkata, India. Our young enthusiasts have worked with clients both nationally and internationally. You will most likely design your space once in your lifetime. So why not hire an expert who would give you the best. So, tell us what we can do for you? Let’s see how we can turn your imagination into reality.



Our Founder

Vitruvian is established in Kolkata on 2013 by Anjan Dey. He is a graduate from Sir J.J college of Architecture in Mumbai with a degree in Bachelor of Architecture in 2000.His experience is varied and well rounded, starting out as an executive first with reputed interior and architecture companies and moving on to founding an Architectural & Interior company of his own. Over the past 18 years, Anjan has been widely associated with architecture and interior projects in India and overseas.


Anjan Dey

Architect & Proprietor

Deboshni Das

Asst. Architect